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You Owe Me for This

A duology of standalone horror short stories infused with black humor. A story about a man committing crimes under duress, and a story about an unwitting serial killer with an online following.

"You Owe Me for This" - Jared is a self-proclaimed "man with problems." An alcoholic office drone who spends his days ducking his responsibilities, one rough work week gets worse when he's visited by a friend — a strange young man with slicked hair and a smug grin — who insists on collecting an old debt.

"Al Infierno" - Nathan Delfin is a desperate attention seeker who thought his life couldn't get any worse, until a night of drunk driving finds him responsible for the death of a young woman. Soon accidents becomes a habit, and Nate yearns for the day when you read about his deeds in the news or watch them on a true crime TV show. But until then, he’s got an online community of like-minded folks who can't wait to see his next contribution.

Written by Jacob Marston

Published by Amazon

Grief  is a False God

Elijah Keene is trying to get by after the untimely passing of his beloved wife Jess. Overwhelmed with the responsibility of being a single father, failing as a farmer, even coming up short as a son — he struggles to distance himself from his grief. Elijah soon discovers that an unspeakable horror has arisen from the land which his family has cultivated for generations. An entity of which his own father and deceased mother may have been all too aware. GRIEF IS A FALSE GOD is a chilling novelette by Gemma Amor, featuring vibrant illustrations from Anibal Santos.

Published by

Cemetery Gates Media

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